Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lolly update

Well, Lolly is talking! She says "dadda" and points to DinnerDad, and says "booba" and pokes me - sometimes she says "mumumumum" and means me too. We take her out at night to look around and she said "star" (like "sssaaahhh") and points up into the sky. This is adorability in the extreme. Last night she said star a lot, and pointed up, apparently you have to say "star" in a whisper, my theory is (other than cutosity maxing out) that this is how she can make the sound. She's also making a "at" sound that is pretty reliable, to mean "cat."

So there you go! She has been saying star for a few days, and dadda pretty well for a week or two. 10 months and talking!

Still not crawling, but she has a lovely 'bum shuffle' that gets her a couple of feet, very slowly indeed. Perhaps she's been observing Snail. :-)

She loves music, and dances by bouncing herself up and down and grinning at you. Her little flowers play two tunes that she very much enjoys, and she gets them going and then dances. She has also been bashing her animal keyboard and getting it to "go" and dancing.

She is such a keen observer, she looks hard at things to comprehend them, and points with her finger. Her favourite things to point at are my bellybutton, which she has pointed into a raw kind of state!, and my nose ring, which she hooks out at least 20 times a day with much evident enjoyment.

Lolly is loving her brother and sister, she plays with Snail, and loves to see Smash and giggle at him. He likes to entertain her with silly faces, and she cracks up everytime! Bathtime with the Snail is also lots of splashy fun, even if Mumma or Dadda have to sit with their legs in between the girls in case of Snail-y flailing around with those long strong leggies.

Here is Lolly and Snail looking at Smash being funny - "you're hilarious, Smash!"

Lolly loves the pets, and does a leg wiggle and giggle whenever she sees them. She loves to pat the cat, and the dogs when she can get em. Pippin is a week and a half out from her knee surgery, so is shut into the Lolly room, and is not to come out and hurt herself, but old Mr Bajak potters about to amuse the Lolly. You have to be careful of his head end though as he often thinks anything coming towards him is food. And the other end also requires some caution...

Here are the girls 'busted' getting the cat!

Oh, and Lolly does this hilarious thing we taught her one night. She was clutching her head and whinging a bit, and we were mimicking her going "owwww" and throwing our hand up on our heads all melodramatic, which she thought was very amusing. Now she is doing this "ohhhh owwwww ohhhhh" and clutching her head with her little hands! Sometimes she pulls her hair, I think she has only recently discovered her hair, as she does it. It is a very melodramatic performance baby! She finds it very funny, and sometimes all of us are doing it at once, what a lot of artistes. Tre tragic indeed.

Lolly is up late and sleeps late, we're back to 10am for getting up now, which is a bit better than midday! She is up until at least 12.30 at nights, hanging with the mumma.

Reading a book, "I'm not sure I like the way the plot is heading, Mumma!"

And here is a lovely shot of the Snail!

Smash is in grade 9 this year! Only back at school a week and already studying...

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