Monday, December 15, 2008


Bub and Smash and I went on an adventure to Sydney last week! There was a festival weekend there with some friends, and we went down early and came back late to see some family and some sights.

Lolly and went down on Thursday, with a dear friend and her gorgeous girl. We stayed right in the city, in a nice apartment just off Oxford Street. Okay, so it could have been airconditioned in the bedrooms and had less drunk people walking past at 3 am yelling abuse at each other, but hey, it was okay. Well, we were completely lacking in sleep for the first couple of nights, but we lived... Here is Lol in her 'Security' shirt when we arrived.

On the Friday I took Lolly out to meet her great-grandmother and great-uncle! It was a fun train ride, and we had lunch and went back to Grandma's for a bit, then trained home. It was lovely to see them!! Lolly liked the train and slept most of the way.

Saturday morning Lolly and I went to pick up Smash from the airport, then we all went on a bus adventure to a Sydney online friend's to meet up with the festival people! It was so great to meet everyone in real life, and to see all the lovely chidlers and bubs, a really wonderful day.

The group met up again at the beach on Sunday, a lovely small netted beach on the Harbour, with a great cafe to provide much needed caffiene! Lolly had her first dip in the sea, though I had forgotten to charge the camera, so no photos :(. We had a lovely day all round.

Sightseeing on Monday with friends on the Harbour. Here is Smash doing some street theatre!

Taronga Zoo on Tuesday, which was great fun (though I was a bit sick) - here is Smash and R watching the bird show.

Smash and Lolly outside the reptile house.

And, thanks to M, who took most of the wonderful photos that day, some giraffes!

We were all very tired and happy to be home again Wednesday. It was a wonderful trip, lots of good friends, nice food, good chats, and fun times.

Lolly and I have been sick ever since with a tummy bug and then a cold, so no news since, really. Snail is on holidays now too, Lolly and I are home recuperating in front of the telly.

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