Monday, October 6, 2008

We are at war!

Oh yes, the forces of evil have sent an emissary to destroy our garden. We refer to him here as Mr Nemesis. He is a dark, evil creature, cunningly disguised as a scrub turkey. We are currently trying Non-Violent Communication with it, but if that fails, Dave may move to violence!

Three days ago, we woke to horrific carnage. SOMETHING had stolen all of our sugar cane mulch from our precious vege patch, and in the process uprooted nearly everything in there.

Swiftly ruling out an act of God due to largely being agnostic (we briefly considered the possibility that it was a sign, but decided it was too ambigous to offer proof of an external saviour), we cast around for another explanation.

*Gasp!* There happened to be a giant turkey mound just nearby! The mound happened to be covered with all our garden mulch! After some thought, we decided this may be the explanation. Right.

We had the technology, we rebuilt it.

The little fucker was back that very afternoon.

We clearly needed more, better, technology, though we were shooting for a slightly cheaper price tag than Mr Austin's. *AHA* Chicken wire!

And so, now our lovely vege patch looks like a prison for naughty vegetables. And still, Dave reports that this morning the damn bird pushed all the wire in at the bottom and nicked more mulch!

OFf to get tent pegs today to further secure our precious veges. Not that there's anything left of them...


anastasia_wolf said...

I feel your pain! I haven't started my garden yet for that very reason!

Mumma Bear said...

Lol, a very amusing tale. Viva la vegetables!