Monday, October 20, 2008

Family doings

This is a bit of a catch up post on all our family doings.

We have been busy lately, last week was hard going with Dave out for the count with a horrible flu most of it, he was really sick! Snail and Dave went to her class frog day at Currumbin Sanctuary on Thursday, here is a pic:

I particularly like this sign Dave saw there about the evils of domestic cats! He took a photo for me (I'm the only one here who loves my cat, Alia, it's quite the family joke).

In garden news, Dave finished the wheelchair ramp!!! It just needs oiling. It is a true masterpiece of home engineering. We're planning a proper opening ceremony soon, with Snail as the ribbon cutter!

The veges are recovering (mostly) from the war with Mr Nemesis. The veges are fully fenced and we had to put tent pegs in to hold down the wire, too. Still no other bed due to the great influenza plague of 2008 knocking out all our workers (ie Dave). But we are planning another lot of vege beds, and some fruit trees too. We are getting a 5000 litre water tank installed soon, too, for the cost of the rebates!

In the Lolly chronicles, she is 7 months old!!!!! She enjoys sitting up, a skill she only just mastered unassisted in the last few days. Here she is on Sunday.

Her shirt informs us that her nappy has gone over to the dark side, hehe. She also enjoyed some steamed carrot on Friday night, and a rusk last night.

Last weekend Lolly and I headed to Daboro for my step-grandmother's 80th birthday! We had a lovely lunch and a lot of fun, and we got all the way there and back with naps/being happy in the car, well over an hour each way! Spent some lovelt time with Jubes too, she and Mum are away camping at the moment, I miss them!

We spent some lovely time at gatherings of other mum's and bubs on Thursday and Friday, and Lolly and I also went to the baby-wearer's sling meet at Indooroopilly on Saturday. There are some pics of us here at the facebook group. This pic is one of Lol having a boob to sleep in the Ergo, while the shirt I'm wearing says: If my breastfeeding offends you feel free to put a blanket over your head. Bit of a laff.

On Saturday we picked up Smash and went to my SIL's engagement party! Congrats to you two, S and M (he he). It was our first night excursion (other than a trip or two out for KFC, lol), and it went okay. She was fine, but the restaurant was very loud, so Dave and I spent much of our time walking with her up and down the street outside :-). She also screamed most of the way home, very tired but too stimulated, just wanted mum and a boob. Poor Lolly. She rarely really cries, and it's always heartbreaking. We are holding off on "out" trips at night for now, though someone's house would probably be okay.

And finally, an irresistable pic of some Snail-y dancing, and one from last month of Smash skating.


Mumma Bear said...

The ramp looks amazing, congratulations on the masterpiece!

anastasia_wolf said...

Great update, have been hanging out for one! Our nemesis has been busy constructing Mt Fuji, it's very impressive.

Selene said...

I know MB - it is quite the edifice, Dave is quite talented! AW - sorry to hear your nemesis is still at large, guess you can't fence the whole yard with wire! :)