Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some Birthdays are Bittersweet

Snail turned 15 last month.  It's a sweet and sad day.  She has no idea it's her birthday, or what birthdays are.  Though she likes presents and cake and attention.

The hit of the day was this Bananas in Pyjamas book!

It's hard to get presents in the toddler aisle or online at special needs places.

And there's just something about birthdays that make her seem more different. They are markers that show how much her life is different from other 15 year olds.

But she had a nice day, some big smiles, a bit of joy, and a big piece of cake.  That's something.


Sara Giambruno said...

Hi Selene, I haven't blogged in ages or read blogs in even longer, but I do remember you and your blog fondly :)
It's almost Snail's 16th birthday, hope all is well in your lives :)

Selene said...

Thank you, Sara! It's this week. 16 is shaping up to feel harder than 15... Hope all is well with you, too xo