Tuesday, January 21, 2014

School Holidays, in Picture form!

We're coming to the end of our very first big 7 week school holiday.  We've had a lot of fun at home this year, no big trip as we'd just been to the US in October (will photo-bomb in a future post).  Some snapshots of our time at the end of Prep holidays!

Lolly found some colourful bug, insect and lizard toys and spent a happy day making "zoos" out the back.  Here she is proudly showing me around the zoo.

The zoo also had a very fierce cheetah...

We're encouraging Lego play, and Lolly got a big "Friends" house set for Christmas.  DinnerDad has a long and abiding love of lego, so on weekends they build new things with it.  Here's a vet surgery.

Tasty bones.

This puppy is getting an x-ray!

Dressing up is a BIG favourite of Lolly's, and has been her whole life, really.  She spends a lot of time being a puppy, cheetah, cat, and a range of creatures.  Okay, mostly puppies.  This one is Christmas puppy.

This one is a movie-watching puppy.  It's basically all of the cute.

Lolly has been more interested in dolls, though mostly as vets/zoo keepers.  She has taken lately to taking "her girls" around with her, brushing their teeth, and putting them to bed.

Of course, the pets are still the favourites, even when they're asleep!

We've had some fierce hot weather here, but with the air conditioning on, you need a blanket while watching your favourite kids TV (Backyardigans and Lazy Town).  For a while there it was basically too hot to leave the house!

Yes, this is the best couch in the world.  Yes, those are cupholders!
We like to head out for lunch, wearing our Disney Princess hat, coz that's how she rolls.  

She learnt some fearsome new stunts from her older brother!

She's very interested in Snail's chair and standing frame, I had to get it out for her the other week so she could be "just like my sister".

Here are the girls out with their "cousin", puppy, Lou-Lou!

And finally, the awesome Elmo, modelling Snail's doll wheelchair that we bought in the US at American Girl!

Lots of home time, lots of playdates, lots of family, and back to school next week!

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