Monday, October 1, 2012

Doings - August and September!

Not as many doings as we are normally, well, doing, due to being at home a LOT with Snail.  But we get out when we can.

To the wonderful Bush Kindy, organised by a dear and wonderful friend.

Treasure hunt collage!
Sunny days doing a bird ID walk at bush kindy.
The very start of Spring, already roasting here in Brisvegas!
I LOVE that the kids were to "tick" the birds as they spotted the cards, and Lolly drew an actual tick (as in, the little bug).  She'd just had a tick on her neck that week, so it was clearly topical.  ;)
Ticks :D
 To Sushi train, where kitty gets salmon.

More sushi train, in which Lolly is so grown up.

Sisters watching Bananas on the iPad.

All of the drawing.  
"Mummy and Lolly in a house with a sun and birds."
Making the most of an occasional cold August night at our fire pit.

Why yes, Lolly did toast a carrot over the fire as we had no marshmallows!  She ate two!

Sad neglected children get toasted carrot.
Snail is doing really well.  She had to have one of the hip pins out as it had come through her skin (!!) but recovered quickly and we are well into rehab. She is (as of a couple of weeks ago) back in her normal wheelchair, so it's goodbye to the reclining thing we spent 9 weeks in!  She's doing great at physio, and standing transfers are close in our future, which will make all our lives a lot easier, especially hers!  It's been a hard time, but the light is at the end of the tunnel. 

At one of our post-surgical appointments, around 8 weeks after surgery, at the hospital cafe, traveling in style!
Finally, girls with "pricklefoot" have to use their sister's reclining wheelchairs to recover.