Sunday, November 18, 2012

Travels and with too many photos!

All has been quiet on the blogging front, for two main reasons.  First, not having anything interesting to report for most of the time, we've been either home with Snail, or sick and home with Snail.  The girls have watched a LOT of My Little Pony.

The other main reason is we had a whirlwind trip overseas to Stockholm and London!  DinnerDad had to work in Stockholm (as you do) and we had a week holiday there and in London before heading back home.

It was awesome!!  Here are some snapshot highlights for your viewing pleasure :D  Sorry about the photo bombing, I've been sick since we got home two weeks ago with a bug we picked up in Sweden.  Blerg.  But worth it!!

Gamla Stan on our first day in Stockholm
Cute hat!
Up close with the Lemurs at Skansen!

More picturesque at Skansen, Stockholm.


More cute hats and frozen puddles.

Wolf hat and half-frozen lake at Uppsala

Butterfly House, Stockholm.

"Keep off the Grass" NOT - at Westminster Abbey.

Kensington Palace
Hyde Park!

Tower of London looks imposing.

FANCY hotel in London!!

Pony on the London Eye


After a LOT of flight time, Lolly watches more MLP on takeoff from Singapore.

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