Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We art, we craft

Lolly has been going to Gymboree lately, to get us out of the house, basically.  She isn't doing kindy this year, and I wanted some input other than mine.  Oh and doing that much art might break me!

She LOVES it.  She's like an art and craft machine.  As I type this she is using glitter glue to glue googly eyes and sparkles on cards for her cousin's birthdays.  She does endless series of glitter gluing of eyes and pom poms that DinnerDad reckons looks like fairy/alien road accidents.

Serious face, at art class.

"I am so totally artistic!"

Fairy/alien road carnage.  Or party bags.

Focus face.  Making fairy/alien road carnage requires FOCUS!
I love it, she loves it.  It's a cool stage.  When we finish the art room upstairs, you know I'll be bragging about it here!  Until then, craft on!

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Janet said...

Love the road carnage. My dd1 has those same leggings, btw, from the last pic!