Friday, February 3, 2012

Preparing for a new art space!

We're doing more moving things around and making things more function round these parts, and part of this is setting up a room for the girls and a room for us.  In the process we're converting the unused master bedroom upstairs into a kind of gym/art space combo!

I recently did the Playful Learning Spaces e-course (it was wonderful BTW), and have used a lot of the ideas already, but am inspired to make something beautiful and functional to get us through the dreaded craft years.

Like this!  From Mariah's beautiful atelier -

Playful Learning Spaces Atelier

I mean, come on!  Who wouldn't love to have that in their home for their kid!  Or for me, let's be honest! 

So, off we went to scour Ikea for ideas - strictly NO purchasing yet, we're still in the design stage.  I want a good set up for art stuff, a low table, and an armchair for me to sit in.

Lolly LOVES her a trip to Ikea, she rides the giant trolleys, eats chips in the restaurant, and plays in the kids area.  We both indulge in an ice cream on the way out.  It's a great wet-weather excursion with kids, and pretty cheap so long as you don't fall for the siren call of all the Ikea awesomeness that surrounds you!

Why yes, I DID knit that gorgeous dress!
This bright green table top is going to be our art table! 

I confess to buying a new griddle pan and some cool storage boxes for stationery.  But that was it.  Not bad.

The Atelier is going to be our big project over the next few weeks, so I'm sure you'll be reading more soon :D

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