Sunday, December 11, 2011

I totally made this!

I recently took up knitting (like some aged housewife...wait...hang on!), nah seriously, it's very therapuetic.  By recently I mean a couple of weekends ago.  I could already make a knit and purl stitch, but that's it (and that was ages ago).  Anyhoo, with some help from lovely friends, I totally made this dress.  Which is too small, but still adorable. 

I made the kid, too!
 Here's the gorgeousness that is my next project, also a dress!

And if any readers are so inclined, I'm Selenegonecrazy on Ravelry (what can I say, I got the bug bad!).


Lee said...

Well done you! I love knitted dresses. I have never knit one, but I love them. I have two knitting projects on the go at the moment but I am not sure if I am going to finish them this year now. I find with knitting it's best to keep going. Once you've forgotten where you are in a pattern it seems hard t pick up again. Isn't wool just the loveliest thing?!

Elizabeth said...

Hello, fellow knitwit! I, too, knit, although I rarely finish anything I start these days. Currently, I'm working on a sweater for Sophie that I started last year and a scarf with pompoms for my mother. Have you checked out Lionbrand Knits? They have fantastic free patterns and wonderful yarn.

And I love what you've started. When I knit for my boyfriend in college, I worked for months on a Fair Isle sweater -- when it was done, the neckhole was too small for his over-large head!