Sunday, July 18, 2010

Horse Riding Tot

We went to the Abbey Medieval Fair last weekend, and despite being disappointed with the fair in general, did have the fun of seeing Lolly have her first pony ride! She was a tiny bit daunted at first, but once she was on the pony, loved it so much that she asked for an hour for another one! Of course, we obliged :D Here are some photos from DinnerDad's phone of her second ride, and there are 6 of them coz she is just too cute for words.

Waiting with her helmet on for the pony to arrive. I mean, seriously, how cute can one kid get???

More helmet cuteness.

OMG this one is made of cute!!

Here comes the pony!!!!!

Riding into the sunset with Sophie her pony :D

She is still telling me about having a helmet and riding her horse.

In fact, we're off this weekend to the McIntyre Centre so she can have even more pony rides, naw :D


Stacey said...

Is the McIntyre centre the one near the turn off to Mt Crosby? I drive past it every fortnight and wonder if I can take the girls there or not!

Selene said...

That's the one! It has lessons, but this was their fundraiser fair on the weekend. Check them out at - they do disabled horseriding (Snail goes there) but "regular" riding too.