Monday, June 4, 2012

What's this? A post...?!

Clearly *checks date stamps* it has been some time since my last blather here on Memo To Self.  Why?  Not sure!  We all fall out of the habit of blogging our lives at some point or another, and this, I am guessing, was one of my points.

Oh, and life got busy and shiz.

So here's post, with random life shots :D
Smash contemplates modes of transport, at the beach.
It has been quite remarkable how many things fell off my wagon since taking on a measly one day of work a week this semester!!  I teach a grand total of 3 contact hours (which is around 8-10 hours a week over the semester in prep, admin and marking), and have promptly stopped exercising and blogging.  I guess that's where I found the time!

Lolly swimming in freezing water on a recent weekend away :D
Well, assignments are back, and I'm on a short break until they have their exam, so I'm suddenly back.
At the movies for the Muppets!
We've had a whirlwind of a time these past 3 months, we've been renovating the house (some more) and plan to have it on the market in the next few weeks.  We've had bad hip news for the Snail, who needs a major hip reconstruction and repair, also in the next few weeks (now THAT sucks).  Lolly is well and truly four, and into all the things four year olds love, which is mostly awesome.  Smash had his school formal (!!) and has been busy with an assortment of grade 12 things, and mindless computering (the latter, probably not to the benefit of his final marks ;)).  I've been on a body transformation journey, and have switched to a paleo/primal mode of eating (not strict, yet!), together with exercise and strength training, and have been remarkably more well, more energy, and have shed 11 kilos I didn't need.  And Nanna and Pop have been away, making us all sad and miss them (no really, we're glad they're having a good time, sort of! xo).
Snail and Lolly have a hug at the ANZAC day parade.
More on all this exciting life stuff in future posts.

I miss you, bloggy interweb friends!  xo

Shitty cat is shitty, but this time with good cause.